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About Us

Abou us

In the spirit of unity and collaboration, our platform embodies a fundamental belief: together, we, the Ukrainians, are stronger. This led to the creation of a unique platform that brings together all Ukrainian-Swiss organizations in Switzerland.


Our main list offers a comprehensive overview of various Ukrainian-Swiss organizations across Switzerland, each categorized to facilitate easy navigation and alignment with your interests and needs. From cultural and educational to social services, our main list is a central point for discovery and connection.

An interactive map of Switzerland displays the location of each member organization. This feature not only helps in finding local groups but also in exploring organizations in different regions of Switzerland, making it a  way to connect with the Ukrainian community throughout the country.

In recognition of the need for a dedicated communication space, we are in the process of developing a closed, invitation-only group. Currently, this aspect is represented by a simple registration form that allows organizations to submit their data and express interest in joining our platform. We encourage you to join and collaborate. 

Together, we're not just creating a platform; we're fostering a community of strength, unity, and shared purpose.

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